We help organizations eliminate reliance on capital intensive IT Technologies like Servers, Storage, Network, Communication & Backup

Replace your E1, T1, Mobile or PSTN Gateway with a SIP Trunk and enjoy Easy Reach with Global DID

40% of all data loss is due to hardware failure, recover lost data from hardware failure with WDL RemoteBunker

We Support & Evaluate IT Facilities, Infrastructure, Methods, Policies, Procedures, Processes & Methodologies

The real cost of doing backup yourself = continuous human management + replacing tapes + security + business downtime

Don't let PSTN bulk purchase affect your budget, implement SIP Trunks and Scale Up or Down as your DID demand changes

13% of data loss is due to software error & corrupt files, protect the irreplaceable with WDL RemoteBunker

29% of all data loss is due to human error, don't let your staff destroy critical information, protect with WDL RemoteBunker

WDL Cloud Servers are Full Featured Licensed Servers hosted in datacenters across the globe delivered at 99.99% SLA

... beyond regular choices, we extend our capabilities to uncommon services, providing you with limitless opportunities

Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Voice as a Service & Backup as a Service

We deliver Voice as a Service, empowering businesses to operate hassle-free, affordable & scalable Enterprise Telephony

WDL Technologies is an ITSP and Voice as a Service (VaaS) provider delivering Enterprise Telephony Services

Our plan is to provide affordable, customized IT solutions and world class service to our client base

9% of data is lost to theft and 6% to viruses, don't be caught off guard, safeguard your business with WDL RemoteBunker

We are a player in the cloud sphere promoting the use of Cloud Services

With coverage in Over 40 Countries, Make Cheap Local & Int’l Calls and Receive Unlimited free calls

WDL RemoteBunker is software as a service (SaaS) billed at a low monthly subscription

Stream Live or Recorded Video & Audio using our Infrastructure as a Service

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Cloud Conference Call

We offer conference call solution for small, medium and large enterprises on our cloud based IP PBX infrastructure. The solution is cheap, affordable and secure.

Traditional board meetings and conferences require stakeholders, investors, board of directors, management staff and project teams to meet in designated conference rooms to deliberate and take decisions on projects; this is expensive, time consuming and often difficult to convene everyone; logistics and travel is also very intensive and requires planning well in advance to ensure everyone can fit into the schedule.

Our solution makes it possible for virtual conference rooms to be set up within minutes. The Room is setup with telephone numbers from over 40 countries and accessed by designated Personal Identification Number (PIN) making it possible for any type of organization (small, medium or large) to host a conference and engage in real time, secure communication with their stakeholders. All this is achieved without the need to own or set up any infrastructure. WDL Cloud Conference does not require internet connection.

Cloud Conference Call

The Cloud Conference Advantage

WDL Cloud Conference Call is a truly enterprise and global solution for any type of business, it can be accessed anytime and by anyone from any part of the world, features include;

  • cloud based;
  • always available;
  • easy activation of virtual conference room;
  • cheap and affordable service, no signup, no subscription or recurrent fees;
  • PIN secured access to virtual conference room;
  • no limit on the number of conference participants;
  • host participants from any country;
  • requires no specialized hardware or conference phone;
  • requires no internet service;
  • calls can be made from any mobile phone, land line or other VoIP service;
  • participants call local telephone number of their country or other preferred location at the same rate;


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