We are a player in the cloud sphere promoting the use of Cloud Services

We help organizations eliminate reliance on capital intensive IT Technologies like Servers, Storage, Network, Communication & Backup

WDL Cloud Servers are Full Featured Licensed Servers hosted in datacenters across the globe delivered at 99.99% SLA

40% of all data loss is due to hardware failure, recover lost data from hardware failure with WDL RemoteBunker

Don't let PSTN bulk purchase affect your budget, implement SIP Trunks and Scale Up or Down as your DID demand changes

We Support & Evaluate IT Facilities, Infrastructure, Methods, Policies, Procedures, Processes & Methodologies

Our plan is to provide affordable, customized IT solutions and world class service to our client base

WDL Technologies is an ITSP and Voice as a Service (VaaS) provider delivering Enterprise Telephony Services

13% of data loss is due to software error & corrupt files, protect the irreplaceable with WDL RemoteBunker

29% of all data loss is due to human error, don't let your staff destroy critical information, protect with WDL RemoteBunker

Replace your E1, T1, Mobile or PSTN Gateway with a SIP Trunk and enjoy Easy Reach with Global DID

9% of data is lost to theft and 6% to viruses, don't be caught off guard, safeguard your business with WDL RemoteBunker

The real cost of doing backup yourself = continuous human management + replacing tapes + security + business downtime

Stream Live or Recorded Video & Audio using our Infrastructure as a Service

Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Voice as a Service & Backup as a Service

We deliver Voice as a Service, empowering businesses to operate hassle-free, affordable & scalable Enterprise Telephony

WDL RemoteBunker is software as a service (SaaS) billed at a low monthly subscription

... beyond regular choices, we extend our capabilities to uncommon services, providing you with limitless opportunities

With coverage in Over 40 Countries, Make Cheap Local & Int’l Calls and Receive Unlimited free calls

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Cloud Conference Call

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to host or attend a Group Meeting or Conference Call, but didn't have the right equipment OR you were limited in travel & logistics budget OR you didn't have a meeting room OR some participants had different time schedules? Those are the typical show stoppers right? Now you can have your meetings without any limitation.

DID Service from over 40 Countries

WDL Cloud Conference Call provides a collaborative platform for a large number of participants to join a real-time conference without committing huge budgets to travel & logistics or ownership of telephony facility. Best of all, meetings can hold outside conference rooms without disrupting busy schedules of executives and decision makers. WDL Cloud Conference Call can be scheduled in 3 easy steps 

  1. Request & Schedule Conference Call
  2. DID and PIN sent to Participants
  3. Participants call local DID from land line, mobile or VoIP phone
DID Service from over 40 Countries
Join Conference Call using VoIP, landlines, mobile phones or other telephony devices.
DID Service from over 40 Countries
Join Conference from any location in the World by calling a local number in your country.

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